Annual Membership Fee

  • $75 per child registration fee / includes a free USC leotard or T-shirt
  • 50% discount for Military & First Responders for first year registration fee
  • A credit card on file is required


  • Class tuition is charged monthly & is based on 4 classes per month
  • Due on the first of each month through auto-draft on our Customer Portal
  • Parents must have a valid payment credit card or e-check saved in their Customer Portal account for auto-draft
  • Tuition will be pro-rated if you enroll mid-month and is charged monthly if not unenrolled per policy of at least 5 days before the end of the month
  • Late charges will be processed on the 10th of the month for unpaid tuition
  • Child will be dropped on the 12th if tuition is unpaid

Tuition Discounts

  • Sibling Discount:  15% off monthly tuition
  • Additional Class Discount: 15% off monthly tuition
  • First Responders & Military Discount:  10% off monthly tuition

Withdrawing From Class

  • You may request a withdrawal on the Customer Portal by requesting to "drop" the class effective the last day of any month
    • Refunds are not given for early withdrawal
  • Drop requests should be submitted at least 5 days before the last day of the month to

Lost & Found

  • Please label everything
  • All items left will be placed on the Lost & Found table
  • All items will be donated if left longer than 15 days


  • Parent/Guardian Coaching:   Coaching from the sidelines can be a safety hazard for your athlete, other athletes, and the coaches
    • Do not coach your child. Parents/guardians who communicate (via verbal or hand gestures) can create a conflict between the gymnast and their coach. Gymnasts are required to follow their coach’s instructions for safety and proper technique.
    • All gymnasts will progress at their own rate, and it is the coach’s job to monitor and further help this progression in the gym.
  • Attire:
    • Children may wear either a leotard or T-shirt with shorts or leggings.  Shorts or leggings over the Leo are also permitted.
    • No skirts, including those attached to a Leo, skorts, costumes, etc. are allowed. The only jewelry allowed is stud earrings. These rules are all based on safety for the athlete.
  • Short / Pony Walls
    • Please stand at least 3 ft back from pony walls that enclose our workout space.
    • Do not lean on or set belongings on the walls.
    • Do not hand students anything over the walls.


  • We do not offer make ups due to missed classes. There are no credits or refunds for missed classes.

Illness Policy

Ultimate Sports Connection reserves the right to cancel a student's membership at any time.