Policies and Procedures 

Ultimate Sports Connection welcomes you to a positive and enriching year-round program for recreational and competitive gymnasts. We are excited to have you join our gym family.


All account registrations can be completed online using our Customer Portal. Once registered, classes can be searched for on the portal. Our friendly office staff is available for assistance and questions.

Fees & Payments

Tuition: Our program is based on a 4-week month & holds your spot in class. Tuition is payable on the FIRST of the month and is due for the entire month. Tuition is not prorated or refunded when dropping early or mid-month.  Tuition is only pro-rated the first month of enrollment when  your enrollment starts after the first of the month. If payment has not been received by the 10th of the month, a late fee of $25 will be added to your account. If we have still not received payment but the 12th of the month, your student will be dropped from their class. Tuition, camp, and special event fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Re-enrollment will only be approved if any outstanding balance is paid in full.

Registration Fees
A non-refundable Membership fee of $75 is due for each child at signup. The benefit of this Membership is a free USC logo leotard or T-shirt, a 10% discount on all camps and Kids Night In, 15% off sibling enrollments and additional classes. This fee is due annually and is renewed every year on the anniversary of your enrollment.

Prorating of Fees
For new students starting mid-month, we prorate the first month. USC does not prorate fees for absences or make-ups.

Family Discount
Families with more than one child enrolled in gymnastics will receive a 15% discount on additional children and additional classes.

Military Discount

USC offers a 10% discount for Military & First Responders for monthly tuition.

Securing your spot
Due to our strict student-to-teacher ratios, tuition must be paid by the 1st of the month, to secure your child’s spot for the month. If payment is not received by the 12th  of the month, the child will be dropped from their current class. Once your balance has been cleared they may re-enroll in available classes.

Payment Options

  • A credit card must be on file for monthly tuition automated charges.
  • USC is a Visions approved Vendor.

Withdrawing from Class

You may request a withdrawal on the Customer Portal by requesting to "drop" the class effective the last day of any month. Drop requests should be submitted at least 5 days before the last day of the month. Refunds are not given for early withdrawal during the month. We do not accept VERBAL cancellations. We will not refund processed tuition for late cancellations.

Potty Accidents Fee

At Ultimate Sports Connection, we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our students to learn and grow in their gymnastics journey. To ensure a smooth experience for all involved, it is important to note that being fully potty trained is a prerequisite for participating in all of our programs, with the exception of the Kang & Roo Program. This criterion helps minimize interruptions and ensures a clean training environment for the benefit of all children attending camps & classes.

In line with this, we have implemented a $25 cleanup fee for instances when accidents occur. Please note that this fee will be processed using the card on file. 

Late Pick-Up Charge
Please be prompt when picking up your child. We are not staffed to watch children outside of their class time. The late pick-up charge is $7.50 per 15 minutes (or a portion of).


Sick policy
Please note our policies are based on providing a safe environment for everyone.

If  your  child  is  noticeably  ill  or  displays  symptoms  of  any  contagious  disease,  please   keep  them home  from  gymnastics  until  they  are  well  using  the  following  guidelines for  “well”:

Your child  must  not  have  a  runny  nose, sore  throat, cough, fever, nausea, or   diarrhea to attend a class. While at USC, if a student develops any of the above  symptoms, they must cover their nose and mouth with a mask and then be escorted  to wait in an isolated area near the front office until a parent/guardian is called and  arrives to pick up the student.

If  your  child  has  any  contagious  illness  (confirmed  by a  doctor)  other  than  COVID-19,   she/he  must  be  symptom-free  and  fever-free  for  24  hours.  Fever-free  means  no  fever   for  24  hours  while  not  using  a  fever  reducer  such as  acetaminophen  or  ibuprofen.

Allergies:  If  your  child  has  allergies  or  asthma,  please  let  us  know  on  an  event-by-event  basis. If you  have  not  informed  us,  we  will  assume  they are  ill, ask them to wear a mask and  isolate  them  until we can  contact  you.


September-May: Make-up tokens are only offered to students who will miss their 4th class in the month due to USC’s Holiday/Event Closures. There is very limited space to schedule  

June-August: Makeup tokens are given when a child misses class, as long as the parent records the absence at least 3 hours before the class start time. One Make-up token for an excused absence can be given per month, & expires after 30 days. Please see our full calendar here: Closures - Ultimate Sports Connection. Students must be actively enrolled to redeem make-up tokens. Parents/Guardians must log into the customer portal to schedule their own make-up class.


Our policies and procedures are based on providing a safe environment for your children,family and our staff. To help ensure everyone stays safe and unharmed, please note the following. Distractions can be a safety hazard for everyone in the class.

General Information

  • Distractions can be a safety hazard for everyone in the class. Please refrain from interacting with students who are in class, if they are not focused on their instructor and skills they can get injured. 
  • Bring only plastic or paper containers for drink and food into the gym.  Broken glass can cause us to have to close the gym down completely for remediation. Glass is strictly prohibited in our facility.
  • Please allow our coaches to provide the instruction during class times..  
  • Please stay 3 feet away from the half wall separating the lobby from the gym floor.
  • Let the children come out of the floor area for a drink during the structured water break and refrain from handing them water over the wall during class; this is a distraction and safety hazard. Structured water breaks are offered for all classes.
  • A sibling play area is provided for your convenience. Please help us keep it clean so we can continue to offer it. 

Parking lot

For safety, and due to city ordinance, ALL children must be accompanied by a guardian when walking through the parking lot and to the building.  NO curbside drop-off or pick up is allowed.


Students should dress in athletic  clothing such as leotards, shorts, tank tops, and/or T-shirts. 

All students must have their lower body adequately covered upon entering and leaving the gym premises.

Long Hair must  be secured away from the face, and off the neck, ponytail preferred. 


  • leotard, step-ins 
  • T-shirt, tank top
  • biker shorts,  leggings
  • hair must be tied back/up
  • bare feet 
  • socks with rubber tread

Not allowed - due to safety

  • skirts or skorts 
  • jewelry, (stud earrings OK)
  • crop tops 
  • tights
  • ballet tutus
  • loose baggy clothing
  • jeans / khakis/ belts / buckles / zippers / buttons
  • capes

General Procedures

Evaluation / Move ups

Coaches are evaluating athletes during each class. Once a child has achieved the skills required for the next level the coach creates a move up slip, and an email is sent to the parents with notification and a link to available class times. The time it takes to move is dependent on various factors and there is no set time frame for how long it will take a student to move up. .Consistency is critical to development in gymnastics.  Missed classes can delay progress.  All children progress in their own time. 

The developmental and  competitive team programs are by invitation and/ or evaluation only. The athlete must have the prerequisite  skills, consistently demonstrate they are able to follow directions, listen, and make corrections to be considered for these teams

Entering Class

  • Note which designated area your child should wait for the coach to call them to the floor-designated by class type.
  • Children  wait in the designated areas in the lobby for the coach to call them  into the gym. 

Lost & Found

  • Please label everything
  • All items left will be placed on the Lost & Found table
  • Items will be donated if left longer than 15 days

Private Lessons

  • Athletes must be either actively enrolled in a class and/or or pay the annual membership  fee to take a private lesson at USC.
  • All private lessons must be booked through the customer portal
  • A non-refundable gym floor fee of $10/hour will be due to reserve/book a  private lesson. .
  • Coaches fees vary, please discuss with the coach directly for their price and their preferred payment method.

Ultimate Sports Connection reserves the right to cancel a student's membership at any time.