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Tumbling is beginner to advanced level classes. Participants will be led through warm-up, stretch, body position review and skill and drill stations set up on rotations on our brand new equipment including tumble track into resi and loose foam pits, spring floor, and in-ground trampoline.

  • One Free trial class per child. 
  • Annual Registration Fee payment of $75/child, and pro-rated current monthly tuition.

Tumbling 1

    • Beginner 55-minute gymnastics class
    • Curriculum will focus on working on USAG JO level 1 skills on the apparatus
    • Tuition - $100/ month


    • must be at least 6 & in first grade
    • must be able to enter class & follow instructions independently without caregiver

Tumbling 2

    • Intermediate level 75-minute class
    • Class will focus on developing strength, and mastering basics with clean form with their tumbling skills. Children must have the following pre-req's below to register for this class.
    • Tuition - $120/ month

General Pre-req's:

  • Must be at least 6 years old and in the first grade
  • Must be potty trained.
  • Must be able to independently enter class and follow instructions without parent.

Skill Pre-req's:

  • straight leg cartwheel
  • vertical handstand to lunge
  • back bend with light spot

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Large group of children doing stretching exercises in a health club. Focus is on boy in striped t-shirt.