Frequently Asked Questions

What does USC have to offer?

USC offers an array of classes for children from walkers to teens. Our recreational gymnastics classes are for both boys and girls of all abilities. We offer tumbling classes for those who are interested in tumbling skills specifically. USC also offers adults classes, all abilities welcome. Our competitive girls’ team competes in artistic gymnastics meets throughout the state and country and includes a developmental program for ages 3+.

Do you offer trial classes?

We do offer a courtesy trial class for regular classes, not for open gyms. These are offered on an as available basis. A trial can be scheduled in a class with openings caused by an absence. Enrollment in a trial class is not a guarantee that class time has a full time opening.

How do I register for class?

Registrations are completed online through our Customer Portal. Click the Register Now button, create a family account, add your students. Click the Booking button, search for appropriate classes and put them in a cart. At cart, you can choose Trial, Active or Makeup.

Please note that when you sign up for a class, you are signing up for a class day, time, and level, not the instructor. Although our aim is to keep instructors as consistent as possible, instructor may change.

Do your classes have a wait list?

Many of our classes may have a waitlist. You can enroll your child in class if there is no waitlist. If there are no spaces available, students are allowed to be on a maximum of 3 waitlists. Families from the waitlist are notified as space becomes available.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a non-refundable annual registration fee that is due at first enrollment. This fee includes insurance coverage and is required for all students. Registration fees are renewed each year on the anniversary of your child’s enrollment.

Do you prorate for holidays and gym closures?

We do not pro-rate for gym closures or holiday.

Do you offer make-ups?

We do not offer make-up classes.  Most gyms and no other class based sport offers makeups. See Policies for our full make-up policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require written notice at least 5 days prior to the month you would like to cancel. We do not drop student’s mid-month. To process your cancellation and avoid being charged for the following month, you must request a drop via the customer portal or file your cancellation request by email. Refunds will not be issued for late cancellation notices.

What should my child wear?

Students should dress in comfortable and athletic clothing such as a leotard, or shorts and a t-shirt. Please do not send your child to class wearing jeans, skirt, or anything with zippers or belts, buttons, zippers, or buckles. Hair needs be tied back into away from the face, even short hair. No jewelry is allowed on the floor and should be removed before class.

How does my child move up to the next level?

Our preschool program classes are age-based. Each child will be promoted to the next level when they meet the age requirement for that level.

All school age classes are based on skill level. Each level has a specific list of skill requirements. All skills for that level must be consistently demonstrated before the student is advanced to the next level. Students can be promoted to the next level at any point once they have the skills required.

Why do we sanitize our hands and shoes upon entry?

These procedures are for cleanliness and health. This is a part of our ongoing floor & equipment cleanliness program. The students walk around barefoot; the more street dirt & germs we keep off the floors, the cleaner & healthier for the children. We have the students wipe their feet with a foot wipe so that clean feet walk on the carpet floors and equipment.

Our family will be away on vacation, can I hold my child’s spot?

USC does not have a hold or freeze. Monthly tuition is required to remain active in classes. You can submit a cancellation notice at least 5 days before the end of the month or you can pay the monthly tuition to guarantee your child’s spot. Upon our return you can re-enroll your child in a class with openings.

If you know you are leaving for an extended period, you can place your child on waiting lists for the same level class, ahead of time, to increase your chances of getting back into classes upon your return. All students can be on up to three waiting lists at one time.