Our COVID-19 Prevention Program

We absolutely love providing your children with a unique, safe, healthy, fun and joyful experience while in our programs. 

Mask Mandate Update

As you know, the state of California​, Contra Costa Health Services​ and local school districts recently issued new guidance​/updates​ regarding indoor masking in K-12 schools and/or childcare settings, moving from a mask requirement to a “strong recommendation”  in indoor school​/child care​ settings.

Ultimate Sports Connection will follow suit in accordance with this new state and county guidance: effective Monday, March 14, masks will be recommended, but no longer required for students, spectators, ​and/​or staff in our facility, regardless of vaccination status.

We are aware that there are families, staff and students who have concerns about the elimination of an indoor mask mandate and will elect to continue masking, and we allow, support, and encourage those choices. We understand that this is a personal (and often health-related) decision, with a diversity of opinion. USC is committed to continue to maintain thorough daily cleaning and disinfection of all equipment, apparatus, seating areas, and shared surfaces.

 USC Facility Entry:

  • Do check for any contagious virus (cold/flu/covid-19) symptoms. Do not enter if experiencing any of these symptoms.
  • We will continue to require IPAD check-in​ and​ sanitation of hands and shoes for all persons upon entry. All should sanitize hands first then walk on the alcohol pad and rug so that shoes are sanitized prior to stepping onto the floor.
  • We require every registered student to use the wipe provided at the door to wipe bare feet prior to heading into class.
  •  During recreational and team classes for all ages, 1 parent/guardian per registered child may enter the facility to view his/her child.
Parent/Guardian Viewing:
  • During recreational and team classes for all ages, 1 parent/guardian per registered child may enter the facility to view his/her child.
  • For all children ages 6 and older, indoor parent viewing is limited to 60 minutes/day and remain in the designated seating areas (please refrain from sitting in pre-school viewing area-seating signage provided).
  • For children ages 5 and under, sit in the designated seating area (closest to the restroom) so that you can take your child should they need to go to the restroom during class.
  • All Spectators are required to hand sanitize, and walk on the alcohol pad to sanitize shoe soles upon entry.
  • Registered children must hand sanitize upon entry and feet sanitize (sanitized wipe provided at the front door) before heading into class.
  • All Spectators MUST remain in one of the designated seating areas and may NOT ​sit/​touch/lean on/over the pony wall (wall separating lobby from gym).
  • Spectators may NOT coach/motion/talk to his/her child from the viewing area while the child is in class.
  • Spectators may NOT stand in the hallway near the restrooms.
  • Spectators may NOT enter the School-age Kids Cubby Area.


We greatly appreciate and thank you for all your support and help in keeping our facility, coaches, staff, children, spectators, and athletes safe during the last few years and in the future!

While we cannot both be open to the public and also prevent 100% of all germs from spreading, we are proud and confident in the policies and procedures we have put in place that meet or exceed all government recommendations and guidelines. For these precautions to be as effective as possible, it will require the support and participation of the entire USC community. We are in this together, and we are better for it.